regarding my speaking voice and music, among other things?

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those of you following my Tumblr &/or Twitter (someday I will spend time on this site to make it pretty and it’ll have shiny buttons and widgets, but this is not that day.) may know that I’ve recently been phone-posting to Tumblr.  if you aren’t aware of that, you’re not missing much… it’s a lot of rambling about nothing much, and me being very nervous. (some people have told me they’re enjoying them, though, so I’m hoping to work through my nervousness and keep it up.)

I can’t fully explain it, but it makes me extremely nervous to know that people are hearing me speak… this is, I think, partly because I don’t particularly like the sound of my own voice, and partly because I know that if I was to listen to these things later I would spend the whole time wondering *why* I decided that anything I had to say was worth sharing with strangers (this is, amusingly, true of my writing as well, which is why I feel kind of ridiculous having a blog, along with all the other social networking sites I belong to. the fact that more than 100 people are following me on twitter is indescribably baffling to me. but I really like my followers, so I am definitely not complaining! just confused.) and would quite possibly just delete every phone post immediately after listening.

umm, that was a bit of a tangent. my *point* is that I recently found my old tape recorder & a bunch of blank tapes (along with a half-finished recorded letter to a friend that I started 3 or 4 years ago and never mailed, which now has Cody intermittently saying hello on it since he discovered how to work it.) and I had the brilliant idea that since I was stuck on this series of essays I had to write, I would just record my ideas verbally and type/edit them later. well… that could’ve been a good idea, except for that part where I can’t stand to listen to my own voice, and I heavily criticize everything I say. so now I’m working on the awkward task of transcribing the tape and if there was a repetitive-motion injury one could get from rolling ones eyes at oneself, I would have one by now.

in other news, I have been uncharacteristically active socially, lately. I’m naturally introverted (I just have a sieve-like filter system, so I talk a lot) and being in groups of people is actually exhausting for me. so I don’t really do much, nor do I have time to do much, in the way of entertainment. but there’ve been a flurry of musicians and shows that I really want/wanted to see, so I’m making an effort to be a little more… extroverted. seeing Spamalot was worth every ounce of that effort, and I’m sure Indigo Girls next weekend will be, also.

I was hoping to be able to catch a Terra Naomi show when I’m in California this summer, but she just sent me a message (and despite the fact that the message said I’m not likely to see her perform while I’m there, getting a message from her made my whole day, let me just say that now) saying she’s not scheduled to play in LA while I’m there.

I have a feeling I’m forgetting a lot of what I was originally planning to say, but it’s time to brave the downpour and run some errands.



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