on my procrastination, fighting writer’s block, and other things…

6:28 pm May 30, 2009 at 6:28 pm 2 comments

this term, I’ve suffered from a severe case of Senioritis, writer’s block, and an intense lack of motivation.  I also have an abundant supply of distractions at my disposal, all of which are far preferable to actually doing homework and writing papers.

this, combined with my highly developed ability to procrastinate, lots of personal stuff going on this term, as well as some work issues, have me so much farther behind than usual (coming into the last week of the term for me) that I’m seriously stressed.  still, early in the term, I developed a process that has helped with some of these things:

bubble toes

this is how I write papers, this term...

I take a bath. I print out the essays/articles I need for background on the paper, print the instructor’s requirements, and I grab my tape recorder.

see, staring at a blank document on the screen intimidates me. I’m already feeling idea-drained after 7 years of higher learning… “how much more do I really have to say?” I’m thinking, and that glowing white rectangular idea-vacuum agrees, and mocks me from my laptop’s screen.

well, those of you who have interacted with me at all, ever, know that I have a lot to say, on most topics. especially ones I care about. maybe not a lot to say that’s relevant, or helpful, or coherent, even. but I talk a lot, nevertheless. and I definitely care about psychology.

so here’s why this strategy works well for me: because I’m not staring at a blank screen… I am relaxing in the tub, reading articles on a topic that I (usually) find interesting and pertinent to my career goals. and talking, which is something I do extensively, if not well. I just record my reactions to the articles, read through the instructions from my teacher, and try to touch on all the points I’ve been asked to cover in the paper. this way, my thoughts flow naturally, (mostly) uninterrupted by my self-editing.

by the time I get out of the bath, I not only smell like pomegranate and mango (or apple and pear, depending on my mood) and am refreshed and relaxed, but all I have to do is type up my “first draft” of ramblings. for sure, I’ll have editing to do! I’ll need to remove the ‘um’ and ‘uh’ moments, as well as a bit of tangential rambling, being me… but I’ll do that editing, fill in a few gaps, and have a decent draft. just a couple more read-throughs, and my paper is good to go.

the key is to start the process early enough, which I didn’t do today, unfortunately.  but, hey, at least I smell good. 🙂



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regarding my speaking voice and music, among other things? Jury duty. blessedly, minus Pauly Shore…

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  • 1. Rob Gokee  |  6:42 pm May 30, 2009 at 6:42 pm

    I think that’s brilliant and probably works perfect for you! For me a bath is a way to relax and refocus.

    I might take one now.

    Also, you spelled procrastination right this time.

    • 2. Jules  |  6:50 pm May 30, 2009 at 6:50 pm

      it seems to be a good strategy for me! baths are pretty much awesome. that’s another reason I like this process- it gives me the opportunity to take a bath and relax without feeling guilty about all the stuff I should be doing, since I *am* doing stuff I should be doing. pretty genius, right? yeah, I know. haha.

      and, yes. I spelled procrastination with that stupid ‘s’ that mocks all the poor people with lisps. (I used to have a lisp. had to go to speech therapy. in elementary school. mildly traumatic.) 😉

      enjoy your bath! 🙂 xoxoxo


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