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okay, so Summer term has started. I am only taking 2 classes instead of 3, since apparently that’s all I need to graduate (!!) even though a few months ago I still needed another Psych class… seems the academic counselors rearranged my credits more effectively, which is great… especially since taking just these two classes is going to be plenty exhausting.

over the next 4 weeks, for Eng 399 I’ll be rereading One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, reading Sometimes a Great Notion for the first time, as well as two books discussing Ken Kesey’s writing. (plus writing a weekly assignment, a (blessedly short) 5pg term paper, and taking a midterm (next week) and a final two weeks later. the workload for Eng 468 is a bit lighter. lots of reading, though nothing I recognize, a midterm, a final, and a term paper.

(for anyone who saw this earlier and is confused… yes, there was a long, boring ramble here about random stuff, which I have now deleted. you’re welcome!)

in other news, there will be a blog about Cody’s and my recent trip to California (with photos, of course) and I think I have one or two others started, but probably not til after my graduation!



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