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and my list of demands suggestions.

I am a frequent user of the following sites:

LiveJournal (listed first because I’ve been with it longest, though I only ever read my friendslist, and almost never actually post there anymore) there’s really not much I would change about LiveJournal, in terms of usability.



Facebook (I’m not going to bother with my list of things to change about FB because they are many, and are things that others would not necessarily appreciate, depending on how they use the site.)

so let’s start with the simplest.

Twitter– all I would really like is a way to ‘like’ Tweets, not it a “bookmark” sort of way, but in a ‘I agree/approve/enjoyed this but have nothing to add/it’s too long to RT/it doesn’t apply to the rest of twitterverse” sort of way. in a way that will be shown to the original poster, similar to an @reply. that’s really pretty much it. you can customize the colors and background, which I love. and there are clients/applications and affiliated sites that will do pretty much everything else I might want to do. EDIT! okay, thanks to @adnauseam, I now have another request/suggestion/thing: a group tweet option, to reply to multiple users without using up your 140 character limit.  and/or usernames not counting against your character limit. EDIT the 2nd! yeah, the other thing I forgot has been my main complaint from the beginning. my twitter is protected. I like this, it makes me feel more comfortable. but! no one can see my tweets unless they are following me back. THIS I don’t like. I don’t want people to *have* to follow me. I want to be able to follow people and have them automatically be able to see my tweets, at the very least, the ones to them. besides, having me approve people following me, who I’m already following, that’s silly! (and also a very badly written sentence, but moving on…) if I didn’t approve them, how stalkerish would that be?! do we really want to be encouraging weird stalking/lurking behavior, Twitter? I didn’t think so. so, how about you follow LJ’s lead and make my protected account accessible to anyone I’m following, as well as people I’ve approved who I’m not following, eh?

Tumblr– I want something for Tumblr like Twitter’s @replies, where you can go to see all of the people who’ve liked/reblogged your posts. also, I want a more accessible comparison of followers/followees. something like Twitter Karma for Tumblr. I want to know my Tumblr karma.– I really really want there to not be a limit on props. omg, that irritates me SO MUCH. also, I would like SOME sort of order to the way they add listeners so that it’s chronological or alphabetical, or at least not completely random as it seems to be right now. and, again, a way to compare listeners/listened to. especially since I only actually get emailed a fraction of the time when someone starts listening to me, so I hardly ever know who it is to see if I want to listen to them, too. so, I want to be able to give props to any songs I want to (maybe only 1 prop per song, if there has to be a limit on something. but don’t limit how many I can give to a certain DJ and please especially stop limiting how many props I have to give! arrgh.)

what do you think? like/dislike my ideas? have more??

hm, okay. I think that’s it, for now. back to work. 😉 xoxoxo


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